Screwed yourself again this semester, didn’t you?

It’s finals week isn’t it? Crap.

Alright, more than crap. You’ve put off all the things you have to do till the last minute, have altered your sleep schedule and now you are sitting there, feeling like you really just want a beer and sleep. Maybe just the sleep.

We all know that the best laid plans seldom work out. That’s normal. Everyone paves their road to hell with study plans, and binders, PDAs and calendars. Nothing works 100% of the time and we all feel the crunch.

As for the “health tips”? I think enough of us have put ourselves in the hospital or at least in a caffeine induced daze to have seen the following once or twice before.

So now that you’re reading this, basically just putting of MORE of your homework/study time, I can try to start touching on what may help you. It’s too late to eat right, too late to plan ahead. So grab an orange, pull the water out, and try these five things.

1) If you don’t know it now, don’t bother.

Cramming is going to do nothing but stress you. Yeah, it is. You’re trying to optimize what you do know, not half ass the whole thing. Seriously, if it’s a comprehensive final, how much is one section going to hurt you? Rule of averages.

2) Walk away from the computer.

Do I need to tell you this? Make some flash cards, yo. Trust me.

3) Space out your subjects, review in spurts

I mean spend less than one hour with each topic. Then every few hours review. Use your note cards.

4) While I am on spacing, space out your energy drinks

DO NOT drink 4 red bulls in a row. Drink one and then wait about 30 minutes. It’s a drug, give it time to work and don’t let it all hit you at once. Drink a lot of water and juice. GATORADE IS YOUR FRIEND.

5) Don’t second guess.

You care enough to want to pass. Trust yourself.

Hey, don’t worry too much, there’s always next semester.


One thought on “Screwed yourself again this semester, didn’t you?

  1. J says:

    Man, everybody’s doing finals right now but me!

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