My Desk Is A Mess

We’re coming up on a big deadline at work, and I’ve noticed that the closer we are to panic time, the more of a mess my desk seems to be. And yes, as a consequence, I tend to spend more time hunting for files than I should.

Of course, there seems to come a point on every project where putting things away and taking them out again is more annoying than leaving them on the desk is, but this isn’t just about access. This is mostly about me being too tired to want to put them away at the end of my work day.

Yes, I know, lazy.

The problem is that I am a visual cues kind of person. When I need to do something unusual with a file, I leave it somewhere I’ll see it, which will remind me to do it when I have some free time (unless, of course, I’m working on a blog post). The problem is that files tend to pile up, and then my brain starts blocking them out and I don’t take care of any of them.


The obvious solution is to stop being lazy and also to use a to-do list instead of visual cues. I’ve switched to a Remember the Milk-based system in my personal and school life, but to-dos seem to come so fast during the day that I can’t make myself use the website. I’m going to try both paper and Outlook-based lists (don’t laugh; Outlook is required by the office) and see which works better. If anything works, I’ll keep you updated.


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