Containing my Excitement

I don’t ask for much. Some brightly-colored post-its. Some index cards. Maybe a few highlighters. My closet shelf is neatly stacked with magazine holders and storage boxes.

But sometimes I dream of more. I imagine that there’s a complete organization system out there that will finally allow me to find anything I need in my room without any effort on my part. Most of the time, I know it doesn’t exist, but sometimes I dream.

And sometimes reality encourages me: The Container Store is opening a branch in my metro area this year.

Part of me is tempted to look at that and say “oh, there’s no point in worrying about it until the Container Store opens and I can buy the perfect art or paper storage box, but that’s a cop-out. My collage paper fits perfectly fine in an oversized shoebox, I just need to remember to put it away when I’m done working.

The art of getting and staying organized has very little to do with my choice of boxes – though I like the ones I’ve chosen. It’s about actually sorting things. Going to the effort of putting things away. Throwing out things I don’t need. Making the effort is more important than buying the boxes.

Though come the grand opening, you’ll probably find me out there buying the boxes anyway.

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One thought on “Containing my Excitement

  1. Cendri says:

    Boxes are pretty.

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